New EU sanctions package to include measures against ‘subjects of disinformation’

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According to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, the sixth package of sanctions will target “listing subjects of disinformation”, as well as Russian banks and oil imports

Josep Borrell

Europe is developing a new package of sanctions against Russia, in addition to banks and oil imports, they will affect persons spreading “disinformation”, wrote the head of diplomacy of the European Union Josep Borrell on Twitter.

< p>“We are working on a sixth package of sanctions, which aims to cut off more banks from SWIFT, list the subjects of disinformation and limit oil imports,” & mdash; the diplomat pointed out.

Borrell added that the measures must be approved by the EU Council. Its next meetings are scheduled for May 10 and 16. Earlier on May 3, the diplomat noted “that, at least with regard to oil imports, this agreement will be possible to reach by the next meeting of the EU Council.”

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Europe has already taken some measures in the fight against “disinformation”. On February 27, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the “Kremlin media machine” would be banned in the EU. On March 1, the ban came into force, it affected RT in English, French, German and Spanish, as well as the Sputnik agency. Operators are prohibited from “broadcasting or providing, facilitating or otherwise assisting the broadcasting of any content” these media “by any means”.

Some countries have announced restrictions on other Russian media. For example, in Estonia in mid-March, telecommunications companies were ordered to block access to the websites of NTV, REN TV, Channel Five, Channel 78, Channel One, and and TASS. The local regulator justified this by saying that the resources “spread military propaganda, justify and support criminal aggression and incite hatred.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in February that Western countries are aiming to slow down the development of Russia and are looking for reasons to do so. “Sanctions will be imposed in any case. There is some reason today, connected there, with the events in Ukraine, or there is no such reason, it will be found, because the goal is different. The goal in this case — slow down the development of Russia»,— Putin said.

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