More than ten forest fires extinguished in Yakutia per day

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Employees of the FBU “Avialesookhrana” while extinguishing a fire in Yakutia. Archival photo

More than ten forest fires were extinguished in Yakutia in a day, no new outbreaks were found, the stabilization of the situation makes it possible to remove the state of emergency in the regions, the operational headquarters of the republic reports.

The area covered by the fire, in Yakutia has significantly decreased compared to last year. Additional federal funding allowed the regional authorities to build up their forces to fight the elements.

According to the regional authorities, at present, the municipal emergency regime has been lifted in six districts of the republic. It is expected that the downward trend in the number of fires will continue, then the federal center will decide to lift the federal regime. Nyurbinsky, Verkhnevilyuisky, Neryungri, Zhigansky, Oleneksky districts. No new forest fires were detected per day. In total, there are 24 forest fires on a total area of ​​202,007 hectares … As of the same date last year, there were 168 forest fires on a total area of ​​4,017,796 hectares” , – reported in the operational headquarters. =”More than ten forest fires were put out in Yakutia per day” />


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