Medvedev told how he sees the fate of Zelensky

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Medvedev said that Zelensky is waiting for “a tribunal or second roles in a comedy show” Medvedev visited the LPR the day before. According to him, it was not scary to go there – “let them be afraid of us.” On the trip, the deputy head of the Security Council was accompanied by the heads of the security forces, the deputy head of the presidential administration and the minister of construction “image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 1010w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 640px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 640px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >

Dmitry Medvedev

The result for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will be “a tribunal or a return to a comedy show in supporting roles,” Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, said. His answers were published in Telegram by journalist Nadana Friedrichson. TASS reported that the Security Council confirmed the authenticity of the quotes.

The day before, Medvedev visited the Luhansk People's Republic. When asked by a journalist about the purpose of the trip, he replied: “To better protect the inhabitants of the LPR, DPR and other liberated territories.”

Medvedev was also asked if it was not scary to go there. “It's not scary. Let them be afraid of us,— he answered.

Medvedev visited the LPR together with the leaders of the security forces— Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov and Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. The trip was also attended by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko and Minister of Construction Irek Fayzullin.

In the LPR, Medvedev met with the head of the republic, Leonid Pasechnik, and the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin. On behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he also held a meeting on “priority measures to ensure the security of the republics of Donbass.” One of the topics was the harmonization of the laws of the LPR and DPR with the Russian one. The participants also discussed the restoration of infrastructure, the repair of hospitals, the preparation of schools for the start of the school year, and ways to solve the social problems of citizens.

The Russian authorities insist that Ukraine must recognize the independence of the DPR and LPR, and call this one of the principal points for a peace agreement. Kyiv considers these territories occupied and declares its intention to return them.

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