Media: Ukraine has lost one of its most loyal allies

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Newsweek analyst believes that Spain deceived Kyiv

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The publicist made such a conclusion in his article for Newsweek after Madrid failed to fulfill its promise to transfer lethal weapons to Ukraine. Agreements on military assistance were announced in the spring. Then the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to Kyiv.

After that, the journalist recalls, Kyiv received from Madrid several units of light artillery, one evacuation armored vehicle and a small amount of anti-tank weapons. In April, Spain sent several tanks to Ukraine by sea. Kyiv was delighted with such support of the ally. But the military vehicles left their ammunition and also returned by sea to their homeland. 

In June, Madrid “became generous” for 40 German Leopard tanks. They expressed their readiness not only to supply equipment, but also to train the military to use it. Such supply must be approved by the country of origin. German chancellor Olaf Scholz was “cool” to this idea, but was ready to sign the necessary papers. A couple of weeks later, it turned out that Spain had not even made a corresponding request. 

Then the number of possibly delivered equipment decreased to 10 units. And then the issue was completely removed from the agenda. The Spanish Minister of Defense said that the technical condition of the tanks does not allow them to be safely operated.

Last week, information appeared about the possible transfer of 20 armored M113s. However, Ukrainians are not happy with such charity. These machines were built back in the 70s of the last century. In Spain, they are being written off.

The analyst summarizes his conclusions with the conclusion that the Spanish prime minister used pro-Ukrainian rhetoric only to raise his own rating. In fact, he did not intend to fulfill his promises. The journalist believes that a number of other European politicians can follow this example. 


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