March against the “Soviet heritage” took place in Latvia

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About 10 thousand people took part in it. The organizers demanded to dismantle the monuments of the Soviet era throughout the country, expel from Latvia all persons disloyal to her and deprive them of their citizenship. On May 16, the procession was announced by the president

In the center of the capital of Latvia, the city of Riga, a procession “for liberation from the Soviet legacy” took place. in support of the demolition of Soviet monuments, Delfi reports.

According to the portal, about 10 thousand people participated in the march. They sang Latvian folk songs, carried posters, Latvian and Ukrainian flags. At the same time, the City Duma told the portal that at the stage of coordinating the procession, it was only about 5 thousand participants.

The activists walked from the Town Hall Square in the center of Riga towards the Victory Park and headed towards the Freedom Monument. The organizers of the march demanded that the monument be demolished, calling it a “monument to the occupation”; and appealed to the Latvian authorities with a demand to “identify and dismantle all <…> memorials [of the times] of the USSR” and “monuments of the Russian occupation.” In addition, among the demands of the organizers was a call to “change the names of streets and squares”; throughout Latvia.

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