Magneto Trends As WandaVision Fans Continue To Hope For A Cameo

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Scott Campbell

1 hour ago


With just two episodes left to go, WandaVision once again turned everything on its head last week after revealing that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes had secretly been pulling the strings in WestView all along. Of course, a lot of viewers with knowledge of Marvel lore predicted a long time ago that she’d turn out to be comic book witch Agatha Harkness in disguise, but a lot of other folks were left dumbfounded.

We know who the big bad is, then, but we still don’t know the why or how. Agatha’s lair was witchy almost to the point of cliche in keeping with the aesthetic, and another widespread theory that her often mentioned but never seen husband Ralph could yet turn out to be Mephisto is looking more likely than ever, especially when the demon has been heavily linked with the show since it was first announced.

However, fans have been holding out hope that Wanda Maximoff’s comic book father could yet end up making a late appearance to save the day. Agatha was responsible for Evan Peters’ version of Pietro, but that hasn’t stopped WandaVision enthusiasts from crossing their fingers that Magneto could still turn up, as you can see from the reactions below.

prayer circle for magneto appearing in wandavision

— veronica (@Iokiswhore) February 22, 2021

magneto trending so here is one of his most badass scenes where he kills some nazis <3

— edie | magneto stan era 2.0 (@marxalorian) February 22, 2021

What happens if magneto doesn’t show up in wandavision?

— Dan ‎ᱬ Ω (@Danromanova) February 22, 2021

Magneto is trending. Here is him and Wanda showing us why it's a bad idea to point guns at

— RAD (@radvstheworld) February 22, 2021

Magneto showing up on #WandaVision?

Yeah all I got to say is,
he better be bringing the whole family with him.#Maximoffs #Mutants#XMen#HouseofM#ItsTime

— DT2ComicsChat™ (@DT2ComicsChat) February 22, 2021

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when magneto doesn’t show up in the season finale of #WandaVision

— christian (@KyloCool630) February 22, 2021

if michael fassbenders magneto turns up in wandavision im sorry in advance for my actions

— c (@valkryries) February 22, 2021

magneto trending as he should be

— sam (@photonswidow) February 22, 2021

magneto trending as he should be

— sam (@photonswidow) February 22, 2021

Ian McKellen’s Magneto is both some of the best casting and best villains of all time. Owns every second of the role. Gonna be tough for the MCU to top this

— El Borko 🎱 (@bork_21) February 19, 2021

There were reports making the rounds that both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender had been offered the opportunity to guest star on WandaVision, but trying to predict where the series is heading has been almost impossible. After all, now that a real live witch has been thrown into the mix, we still need to find out what her endgame is, and that’s without even mentioning the multiple plot threads that remain dangling in regards to the rest of the principal cast like Monica, Darcy, Jimmy and even Vision.


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