Loki Easter Egg May Have Already Revealed The Variant’s True Identity

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Scott Campbell

31 mins ago

Those following every aspect of Loki from announcement to premiere all the way through production wouldn’t have been surprised when episode 2 ended with the revelation that the rogue variant being hunted down by Tom Hiddleston’s title hero and the Time Variance Authority was Sophia Di Martino as a female spin on the trickster, especially since set photos confirmed as much over a year ago.

However, things might not be quite as simple as they seem, which is to be expected given how complex, confusing and convoluted the Disney Plus series has become already. Eagle-eyed fans spotted during the credits that in the dubbed version of Loki, Di Martino’s role is credited as “Sylvie,” with a child actress even listed on the show’s IMDb page as a younger version of the character.

In the comic books, Sylvie Lushton was given powers by Loki and became the second iteration of Enchantress, leading many to speculate that the God of Mischief’s solo adventure will be taking a similar path, with the Lady Loki reveal being a red herring. As you can see below, the episode may have even admitted as much earlier on, when Hiddleston was leafing through some documents at TVA headquarters.

Loki Easter Egg May Have Already Revealed The Variant's True Identity

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It might be hard to spot, but the image references a Variant Incident Report for an Unauthorized Timeline Alteration in 1908, which lists the name Sylvie Laufeydottir. It’s a bit on the nose, but that translates directly to “daughter of Laufey,” which surely isn’t a coincidence when it was revealed a decade ago that Loki adopted the Laufeyson surname of his Frost Giant father after discovering his true parentage. That means he’s already seen her name before their encounter at the end of the episode, which only invites more questions as to where Loki goes from here.

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