Laura Marano – You Lyrics

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You are familiar
You remind me of the best times of my life that haven't happened yet
You are beautiful and kind
You're funny
You have the ability to make me the happiest person in the world
And yeah, you can also make me feel the most profound sadness I've ever known
You're overwhelming
You consume the spaces in my mind I didn't even know I had
You hold me in the times I don't like to talk about

And I can't stop mysеlf from crying
You know exactly how to hurt me
And sometimеs you do
You're delicate, worthy of everything
You're indescribable
Making me want to spend all my time trying to figure you out
You're complex
You're more than just one attribute, one treat
You're a paradox
You're the strongest person I know and the most fragile
You are overwhelming
But who are you?

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