Latvian authorities “conceptually agreed” not to renew residence permits for Russians

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The Russians will not be able to extend the validity of a residence permit in Latvia, their entry into the country on Schengen visas will be limited. This “conceptual agreement” was adopted by the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers

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The Latvian government has decided not to extend the validity of a residence permit for Russians and restrict their entry on Schengen visas. Prime Minister Karins Krisjanis tweeted about this.

“Russia is waging war in Ukraine while its citizens are traveling or obtaining residence permits in Europe. Conceptually, we agreed not to extend the temporary residence permit for Russian citizens and to restrict entry to Latvia on Schengen visas,— he declared.

The Latvian authorities condemned Russia's military actions in Ukraine on the day it began and then stopped issuing visas to Russians, but made exceptions for humanitarian reasons, for example, for Russian journalists, family members of Latvian and EU citizens.

In April, the country's Seimas approved the law on the deprivation of foreigners of Latvian citizenship for supporting actions that threaten the territorial integrity of other democratic countries. The parliament included the Russian military operation as well.

At the end of July, the Latvian State Security Service announced that its employees began to more carefully check the citizens of Russia and Belarus to find out if they threaten the country's national security. The Latvian side demanded that the Russians confirm in writing that they condemn Russia's military actions.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Latvia had actually stopped issuing visas to Russians, and the Latvian diplomatic department called for the entire European Union to stop issuing entry permits.

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On August 5, Latvia temporarily reduced the number of reasons for issuing visas to Russians to a minimum. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs began to issue permits only for the funeral of a loved one in Latvia.

Later, Latvian President Egils Levits proposed to cancel the already issued residence permits and visas of those Russians who supported the military operation or decided to obtain Russian citizenship.


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