Kremlin says Ukraine will have to agree to Russia’s terms

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The Ukrainian authorities know the conditions of Moscow, despite the efforts of Washington, Kyiv will have to “understand them again” and agree, Peskov said. He believes that the West is set to “continue the war”

Dmitry Peskov

The United States and other Western countries oppose initiatives to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, forbidding Kyiv to “think and speak”; about a peace agreement, but the time for negotiations will one day come, said on the air of Rossiya 1; Representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“Sooner or later, common sense will prevail. And again the turn of negotiations will come, before which the Ukrainians will have to understand once again all our conditions. They know them very well. agree to them. Sit at the table. And just to fix the document, which in many respects has already been agreed upon,— he said.

Peskov believes that Western countries are betting on the continuation of hostilities, which is why the possibilities of “pacifying the situation” there is no former demand.

At the beginning of the week, on June 28, the Kremlin noted that in Kyiv they could “stop everything before the end of the current day.” subject to an order to the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms and agreement to the conditions of Russia.

Russia's special operation in Ukraine began more than four months ago— on the night of February 24, representatives of the two countries met several times in person after that and negotiated via video link. The greatest progress was made at the end of March at a meeting in Istanbul's Dolmabahce Palace. Representatives of Ukraine then conveyed their proposals to the Russian side, after which the Russian delegation sent its response to Kyiv's proposals. There was no reaction from Ukraine, this indicates the decision of the authorities of this country to “freeze” negotiations, noted the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky.

In Kyiv, they explained that the negotiations were influenced by what happened in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, journalists from Reuters and other publications reported on the found bodies of dead civilians. The Ministry of Defense called these data a provocation with the aim of denigrating Russia, President Vladimir Putin holds a similar opinion.

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The Ukrainian authorities allowed the continuation of negotiations, subject to the strengthening of their own position in the dialogue. As the head of the delegation, David Arakhamia, said, this will be facilitated by the supply of Western weapons. “Our armed forces are already ready to use it. <…> And then, I think, we can initiate a new round of negotiations from a strengthened negotiating position, — he expects.

Announcing the start of a special operation in Ukraine, Putin said that Russia's goals were to carry out demilitarization and “denazification”; neighboring state. Moscow is also seeking to protect the people of Donbass from “the genocide by the Kyiv regime,” he argues. According to the President of Russia, the Ukrainian authorities for eight years “mocked” above them. In addition, Russia intends to achieve the salvation of the LPR and DPR and the “restoration of their statehood” within the borders of 2014.

Ukraine, in response, severed diplomatic relations with Russia, martial law was declared in the country and general mobilization was introduced. The Ukrainian authorities reject the presence of Nazi formations in the country, Medinsky said.

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