Kadyrov commented on the blood feud Zelensky

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The head of Chechnya explained in his Telegram channel why it makes no sense to announce Vladimir Zelensky blood feud, although this could be done, according to the head of the republic.

Kadyrov explained this by the fact that Zelensky himself is a hostage of the West and is forced to follow other people's orders.

“Neither In no case do I justify him. He is a voluntary cellular rabbit, who is raised for meat and skin by the same West that nurtured Nazi Bandera and Azovism in Ukraine (“Azov”, a terrorist and extremist organization, is banned in the Russian Federation. – Approx. ed.)” , – reads the post of the head of Chechnya.

He also pointed out that the blood feud of the Chechens is not a relic of the past, as “liberal politicians” believe, but a tool that prevents thoughts about the commission of a murder.

Earlier, Kadyrov noted that “the idea of ​​the superiority of a certain race” is instilled in society from childhood.

In his opinion, the lion's share of TV channels, as well as the Internet space of Ukraine, were stuffed with fascist ideology since the collapse of the USSR. In kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions for many years there was an “unimpeded agitation of Hitler's values.” “A whole generation of Nazis has grown up,” the head of Chechnya states in his Telegram channel.

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