I want to go to jail! Why does Marina Ovsyannikova make her way into the “prisoners of the regime”?

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In 1998, the premiere of the painting by Alla Surikova “I want to go to jail!” took place. According to the plot of the film, the main character, an ordinary Russian mechanic who unwittingly became involved in crime in Russia, decides to hide from problems in prison. But not in the domestic, but in the European one.

“Punishment up to 10 years”

Something like this story can now be observed from the ex-employee of Channel One Marina Ovsyannikova. The woman is making titanic efforts to end up behind bars.

According to RIA Novosti, Ovsyannikova's lawyer Dmitry Zakhvatov, she was charged in the case of fakes about the RF Armed Forces: “She was charged under item “d” part 2 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for punishment of up to 10 years in prison… The reason for initiating the case was a picket on Sofiyskaya embankment in Moscow. ; on Channel One during a live broadcast with a poster. 

A few seconds later, Ovsyannikova was taken out of the studio. Subsequently, the court fined her 30 thousand rubles.

The story was enthusiastically played in the Western media, and the woman herself was hired by the German publication Die Welt. 

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“Moscow abomination”

But, much to the dismay of the “fighters against the regime”, the new heroine from Ovsyannikova did not work out. Worse, she simply couldn't cope with her duties in the new place.

In addition, she had no time to start working at Die Welt, when radicals from the Ukrainian diaspora in Berlin went to a rally demanding her dismissal. Their logic is simple — one who worked on Russian TV cannot be good by definition. No explanations, acts of repentance and going to the pro-Ukrainian rally did not help — Ukrainians living in Germany continued to be hostile towards it.

It turned out even worse with the visit of Ovsyannikova to Ukraine — there she was completely described as an “FSB agent.” “What is she doing in Ukraine? That's a good question. Because, obviously, it is already worth revising the rules by which Russians are allowed into Ukraine. The question must be answered: what is this journalist doing in the German media and why was she allowed into Ukraine?, — the Minister of Culture of Ukraine was indignant Oleksandr Tkachenko.

Even a visit to his homeland in Odessa was not very successful. The official representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Bratchuk described Ovsyannikova as a “Moscow abomination”. 

In an interview with the German publication Bild, the woman stated that the whole family turned away from her — mother, husband and son, and only with her daughter does she continue to communicate. Back in June, Ovsyannikova assured that she would not go to Russia, as she was afraid of the “revenge of the regime.”

“State propaganda did not need to do anything to discredit Ovsyannikova. She coped with all this perfectly herself»

But in early July she nevertheless flew to Moscow — according to her own version, in order to sue her husband's rights to her daughter.

Even Ksenia Sobchakspoke rather caustically on this score: “Of course, children must be fought for, but Ovsyannikova’s statements are becoming more and more ostentatiously heroic:“ When I arrive in Moscow, I will not cowardly hide and be silent. It is beneficial for the authorities that all protesters go abroad. They are deliberately squeezed out of the country. Perhaps I will be arrested right at the airport. And if they arrest you, Marina, are you sure that this will make you a good Russian? Well, and one more observation: state propaganda did not need to do anything to discredit both Ovsyannikova herself and her act. She herself, liberal activists, Ukrainian activists who boycotted her coped with all this perfectly.

The arrival of Ovsyannikova was followed by the Western media, but they were disappointed — no one grabbed the woman at the airport and handcuffed her.

But the lady's further behavior convinced her that she did not want to reunite with any daughter. Judging by how abruptly she made the decision to return to Russia, she was made clear that she could count on further assistance only as a “prisoner of the regime of Putin“.

“I don't understand why we're here at all”

In fact, in order to get a term for fakes, you need to show considerable effort. The first case, as a rule, is punishable by a warning or a fine, the second — a fine, and only then can the case go to criminal prosecution.

This is exactly what happens with Ovsyannikova. After her return, she began to arrange regular “performances”, and in July 2022 she was fined 50,000 rubles by the Meshchansky Court for publicly distributing fakes about the actions of the RF Armed Forces.

On the social network, regarding this verdict, the woman wrote the following: “I think that the verdict should be acquittal. Here is what I told the judge on the merits of the charges brought against me: “I don’t understand at all why we are here and are wasting our time. Everything that is happening now — real absurdity. You snatched my phrase from an interview in defense of Ilya Yashin. Why are you judging me? I believe that this lawsuit is completely fabricated. It is organized for the purpose of intimidation”".

What else to do with it?

If a person has set himself the task of going to jail at all costs, then it is very difficult for him to interfere with this. In Russia, many demanded criminal punishment for Ovsyannikova even after her live jumps, but she was treated more than humanely. And this seems to have disappointed those who oversaw this project. And now the ex-editor of Channel One is trying to get into the “prisoners of conscience”, as in the old joke — even a stuffed animal, even a carcass.

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