How will the design of the MIR TV channel change?

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“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 33. Russian folk satchel 17/08/2022

In the anniversary season, viewers will enjoy the bright design of the MIR Interstate TV channel: an updated logo with honeycombs and "sky drop".

On the eve of the next TV season, the channel will appear in an unexpected design. Still, MTRK «MIR» – 30 years, which means it's time for a festive anniversary design. And it will be not only new forms and graphics, but also deep semantic content.

Symbolically and unexpectedly

Honeycombs in the colors of the – the brightest shades of blue and green. “Firstly, honeycombs – this is symbolic, – considers chief director of the channel Konstantin Taroyants. – As a strong community, a commonwealth of information resources and countries, “MIR” resembles a bee hive. An allegory of a close-knit family, continuous and well-coordinated work of the TV channel. Second, it's just unexpected. None of the channels has such an image in the design. Therefore, the audience will definitely not confuse us with anyone.

Another bright element of the new design – “heavenly drop” in which the whole world is reflected. A good image symbolizes unity, it contains the soul and the format of the TV channel. The blue ball, reminiscent of the planet Earth, is replaced by the “MIR” logo, made in 3D.

More noticeable and modern

“The WORLD looks bright” – this is the slogan of the anniversary television season. And the new design – the embodiment of brightness. 

In the intellectual quizzes "Weak Link", "Back to the Future", "Playing a Movie" and “Global Mind Games” spectators are waiting for smart characters, enthusiastic emotions and unforgettable impressions. Nikolai Valuevwill present new episodes of Historical Detective.

In addition, the original channel screensavers and credits with honeycombs are now more noticeable, the – more modern. The festive TV season in a new design starts on August 22. See you on the 18th button!

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