How many metro stations will be built in Moscow by 2025?

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“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 33. Russian People's Backpack 08/17/2022

According to the capital's construction complex, 29 metro stations are now in operation. It is planned to complete 27 of them in two years. 

At the same time, stops on the Big Circle Line (both new and reconstructed) should be ready before the end of this year. As for the next transport toponyms, as mayor Sobyanin wrote in his Telegram channel, "future stations are named taking into account the opinion of Muscovites. In the project “Active Citizen” residents have already voted for the names of 22 stations. They are located on 7 branches – both long-standing and just being laid (see table).

Another important news related to the subway concerns the Circle Line. It became known that preparations for the construction of the Suvorovskaya station had been resumed. It will be located in the Meshchansky district along Suvorovskaya Square. The stop will provide a transfer to the ring line from the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya branch, so that it finally has two transitions to the ring, like all other underground diameters. Approximate passenger flow of “Suvorovskaya” will be 250 thousand people a day, it will unload Prospekt Mira.

By the way, between one of the lobbies of the Suvorovskaya and the platform itself is promised to be the first travolator in the metropolitan metro. “Trip” on a 350 m horizontal escalator takes six minutes. The station will get exits to the street. Delegatskaya, Durov and Olympic Avenue, as well as to the “Grandfather Durov's Corner” and SC Olimpiyskiy.

< td>Line

"Potapovo" (next to A. Monakhova St.).

“South Port” (next to Southern River Port).

«Novatorskaya" (on Novatorov St., transition to BKL); “General Tyulenev” (on General Tyulenev street); “Kedrovaya” (near Army Street); “Vatutinki” (near passage No. 7166).


&laquo ;Golyanovo»(at Sakhalinskaya St.).

«ZIL» (on Lissitzky St., transition to MCC); “Maple Boulevard” (on Novinki street, transition to BKL); “Kuryanovo” (near Batyuninskaya street); “Moskvorechye” (adjacency of Kashirskoe highway to  Kolomenskoye reserve); "Kavkazsky Boulevard" (on the boulevard of the same name); ­"Caspian" (near 6th Radialnaya street); ­"Lipetsk" (on the street of the same name); ­"Lebedyanskaya" (near the street of the same name).


&laquo ;Zvenigorodskaya» (near Shenogin St.); ­"People's Militia" (on D. Bedny St., transition to BKL); “Serebryany Bor” (near Parshina street); “Strogino” (on Stroginsky Boulevard, transition to Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya branch line); ­"Linden Grove" (near the junction of the Myakininsky Highway to MKAD).

"Nagatinsky Zaton» (near Kolomenskaya st.); “Nizhny Novgorod” (near the Frezer highway, transition to the Nekrasovskaya branch and MCC).

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