‘Hawkeye’ tops the Disney Plus most-watched list in 39 countries

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itemprop=”headline name”>‘Hawkeye’ tops the Disney Plus most-watched list in 39 countries

Scott Campbell

Nov 26, 2021 1:49 pm2021-11-26T13:50:09-05:00

To the surprise of nobody, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest Disney Plus series Hawkeye has been controlling the conversation and topping the most-watched charts around the world, after Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s romp through New York City got off to a stellar star.

However, it’s a little surprising do discover that it wasn’t quite the all-conquering phenomenon we’ve come to expect from Kevin Feige’s franchise. As per FlixPatrol, Hawkeye topped the viewership rankings in 39 countries around the world, but when you consider that Disney’s streaming service is available in over 60 nations, it’s not quite a slam dunk.

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In an even more unexpected turn of events, The Simpsons has been providing stiff competition for Hawkeye, with Springfield’s first family finishing ahead of the expert archer in another nine markets where Disney Plus is available, despite the fact the show lost its luster two decades ago.

Obviously, instantly ascending to the top spot in almost 60 countries 24 hours after premiering is hardly a bad return, but there might be some disappointment in the boardroom that Hawkeye wasn’t quite the clean sweep befitting a blockbuster six-episode adventure hailing from the biggest brand in the business.

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