Foreigners on the Web saw symptoms of drug addiction in Zelensky’s behavior

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“It is clear that this scammer does not dare to look honest people in the eye”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and UN Secretary General António Guterres met yesterday in Lvov for negotiations. Many noted Zelensky's nervous behavior during the negotiations. Foreign users of social networks even suspected the use of banned substances by the Ukrainian president in an attempt to escape from daily stress.

Photo: Global Look Press

Turkish user with the nickname “Alnabulsi1982Z” suggested: “I think Zelensky's constant fatigue is a consequence of the constant use of drugs, in particular cocaine.”

A Canadian with the nickname “Rebelwild” noted: “Zelensky’s months of cocaine use explains his paranoid behavior at official meetings.”

Belgian with the nickname “Actualize” succinctly wrote: “Definitely something powdery” hellip;

A user with the nickname “Three times nine” joked about Zelensky's behavior: “Children, never use what this uncle smokes.”

The rest of the foreign users found other reasons for the inhibited perception in the behavior of the Ukrainian president. For example, the Dutchman Jan Zwaffel explained Zelensky's behavior this way: “The photographs and videos show that Zelensky does his best to avoid eye contact with the camera. It is clear that this swindler does not dare to look honest people in the eye.

American Ree Brannock wrote: “Zelensky is haunted by thoughts of dead Ukrainian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in a senseless massacre for the peace of NATO. He needs to realize that he will still have to negotiate with Russia, otherwise Ukraine will not do well in winter. suggested, “I think this is the most common fear. The story with Zelensky is moving towards a logical end. Maybe he just found out what price he would have to pay for all his actions? In any case, I would not want to be in Zelensky's place.

Nelson Cavalheiro noted that the President of Ukraine comes to many meetings in the same T-shirt: “Maybe at least someone ask him to wear other clothes? And then I feel somehow ashamed of him…»


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