First Social Media Reactions To Dune Claim It’s A Cinematic Masterpiece

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itemprop=”headline name”>First Social Media Reactions To Dune Claim It’s A Cinematic Masterpiece

Christian Bone

Oct 22, 2021 10:46 am2021-10-22T10:46:33-05:00

As of today (October 22), Dune is finally out there for the world to see. One of the biggest productions held back by the pandemic, the hype for this one has been huge. Not only does it come from acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, it’s based on a beloved property — Frank Herbert’s best-selling fantasy novels. It features the most talented cast you’ll see anywhere in a movie this year. It includes Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista.

So with Dune at last playing in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max in the U.S., the people of the internet are sharing their initial reactions to the film on social media — with what appears to be an overwhelming majority hailing it as a triumph.

Many think Villeneuve has outdone himself on this one, with folks praising it as a visual feast filled with great performances, making it an all-round unmissable viewing experience. A lot of reactions are even labeling it as one of the defining movies of this era.

#Dune was worth every minute of the wait. Denis Villeneuve knocked it out of the park. Timothee Chalamet absolutely nails it as Paul. Visually stunning and perfectly blends world building and setting up Part Two, which can establish Dune as one of the greatest sagas of our time.

— advit (@advitinsoho) October 22, 2021

Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE is a monumental cinematic achievement.

A gargantuan space opera full of quiet whispers, complex political struggles, messianic figures, & philosophical ideologies.

One of the most beautiful & contemplative sci-fi blockbusters of all time. #Dune

— Jesabel 🦇 (@JesabelFilms) October 22, 2021

Something that’s being said a lot is that, is that while it might be easier to stream it, it’s worth making the effort to see Dune on the biggest screen possible.

Review: Dune 5/5 🌟's

Dune is a remarkable, stunning movie. Denis Villeneuve is cemented as an all-time movie making genius & deserves every ounce of praise. Chalamet stands out amongst some of the best actors alive in the performance of a lifetime. Meant to be seen in a theater

— Cinema Tweets (@CinemaTweets1) October 16, 2021

Fans of the books also promise you will not be disappointed.

#Dune was so fucking good. It was everything i wanted from the books and more. God bless Dennis Villeneuve.

— Aaron 🎃 (@BenAaronFIynn) October 22, 2021

You need to watch it for, uh, the plot. Yes, the plot.

Watching #Dune for the plot

The plot:

— ✨ FILM DAZE ✨ (@filmdaze) October 21, 2021

Momoa maniacs, this one’s for you, too.

Jason Momoa's #DuncanIdaho was by far my favorite character. Momoa brought so much charisma and intensity to the role! #Dune

— Duane KILLER! Miller 🔪 (@Cinemaniac94) October 22, 2021

And let’s not forget all the love being shared for Rebecca Ferguson, who a lot of tweeters think steals the show.

Rebecca Ferguson was more than outstanding in this film. Her acting is incredibly magnificent. + she looks beautiful! #Dune #LadyJessica

— Gina (@capricornvenus0) October 22, 2021

The superlatives are, indeed, flowing …

#DUNE is the movie event of the year

— haroon 👻 (@sociaIInetwork) October 21, 2021

… including this especially bold one.

#Dune is the biggest cinematic event since The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

— Ben (@punchsunriseben) October 22, 2021

People are already getting hyped for Dune: Part Two.


— Knuckle Head (@Knuckle_HeadTV) October 22, 2021

The good news is that Warner Bros. Pictures seems committed to continuing the Dune universe, even before gauging its box office and HBO Max performance. So make sure to catch what could be the opening chapter in cinema’s next big franchise this weekend.

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