Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin ready to be tested for banned substances

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A video from a wild party caused a scandal in Suomi

On Wednesday evening, a video featuring Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin began to circulate. She sang, danced famously and did not even think that for this she would have to justify herself to the general public. The media also began to speculate that the party was not harmless and that it could be drug use.

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The Finnish publication Iltalehti on Wednesday began distributing a video (free of charge and without registration) with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. According to the commentary of the newspaper, video materials from social networks are distributed only in exceptional cases. This time the video has social significance.

In the video, you can see that Marin is surrounded by famous people in Suomi. Foreign media recognized among the characters of the video a Finnish singer, a well-known rapper in Finland, a TV presenter, but the most curious guests of the spontaneous celebration turned out to be influential people and members of the Social Democratic Party, the leader of which is Sanna Marin.

Contact the Prime Minister Minister on Wednesday evening, as expected, failed to anyone. However, already on Thursday, at a press briefing, the head of the Cabinet had to answer the question of what it was.

Sanna Marin retorted the accusations against her: “I want to show that ordinary people with ordinary lives work in these positions. I have a family life, I have a job and I have free time that I spend with my friends. About the same as many people of my age.”

It's hard to argue, because the corners of the government are 36 years old. To date, it is Marin who is the youngest prime minister in the history of Finland. She has been in office since December 2019.

Recently, the German Bild called Marin “the coolest politician in the world” and praised her for being very successful among today's millennials. In particular, journalists wrote: “She is the most important politician in her country, she has to lead the state through one of the most dangerous crises of her time – and she still finds time to celebrate.” Whether the opinion of the German edition has changed after the video appeared is unknown. However, on the part of the citizens of Finland and the local media, distrust of the cheerful politician nevertheless crept in.

There were suggestions that, in addition to alcohol (which, of course, was because it was on video), banned substances also took place at the party with the participation of the prime minister. Anyway, according to the Finnish media, leaked footage scattered across several clips on social media shows Marin dancing merrily with several of her friends, with someone screaming about some kind of “powder” in the background. Sanna Marin says: “I don't know what it refers to.”

According to the Finnish broadcaster Yle, the Prime Minister even expressed her willingness to take a drug test if necessary.

Videos from the party drew mixed reactions online, with some critics slamming Marin for her irresponsible behavior, while others talk about the potential rise in popularity of the 36-year-old prime minister.

Be that as it may, scandalous stories are no longer an accident, but the norm for a young prime minister. For the second time in a year, Marin gets into a story, after which she has to make excuses. In December, Sanna walked nonchalantly to a nightclub, leaving her office phone at home. This oversight prevented her from learning that the foreign minister with whom the prime minister had been in contact had contracted COVID-19. For the same reason, she missed the requirement to isolate, continuing to have fun in the company of friends.

Then she was criticized for her “careless” approach to governing the country, pointing out that the prime minister should always have a government phone with her in case of emergency situations.

At that time, Marin escaped with an unsubscribe on the social network, writing: “I'm very sorry that I did not understand that I had to do this.” As, apparently, now her friends did not understand that it is better not to shoot and not upload compromising videos to the public access zone.

Recall that Sanna Marin actively supported the idea of ​​reducing the issuance of visas to Russians and spoke out that “ it is not right that Russians have the opportunity to travel around the Schengen countries.”

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin was hated on social networks because of the party: provocative video

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