Finnish PM to undergo drug test after party video

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Finnish Prime Minister Marin agreed to take a drug test after a video from the party According to Marin, she did nothing illegal and only spent her free time with friends. Earlier, a video from a party with the participation of the prime minister was leaked to the Network. A number of politicians demanded that Marin take a drug test


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin says she has 'nothing to hide' and she is ready to take a drug test, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

Earlier in Finland, a scandal erupted around a video from a party with the participation of the Prime Minister. In these videos, Marin dances and sings with Finnish celebrities, including singer Alma, blogger Ilona Julikorpi, TV presenters Tinni Wikström and Karolina Tuominen and others.

One of the recordings mentions the word jauhojengi. According to Yle, the word jauho translates as “flour”; or “powder”, but colloquially can refer to drugs. Jengi translates as “gang, company.”

The videos were leaked to the Internet, and they caused a wide public outcry. The leader of the opposition party “True Finns” Riikka Purra and MP from the Center Party Mikko Kärnä was told that Marin should take a drug test. At the same time, the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party (Marin — its leader) stressed that they trust the prime minister.

Marin herself said that she was ready to take tests. “I have nothing to hide. I have not taken drugs, so I have no problem passing these tests. But it seems absurd to me that something like this is required of me, — she noted.

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“I danced, sang, had fun, did completely legal things. <…> I have a family life, I have a job and I have free time to spend with my friends. About the same as many people of my age,»,— the politician noted. According to her, she also did not see any of the other participants in the party using drugs.

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