Dog in the booth: how to keep your pet healthy

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AIF at Dacha No. 15. Apple Spas 09/08/2022

To guard the house, summer residents often make booths from improvised materials, and then put dogs on a chain in them. And a faithful dog serves for life.

Why is it lame?

veterinarian Maria Shilina told us about how to properly maintain a four-legged pet.

Natalia Filippova, «AiF. In the country”: — Maria, any dog ​​on a chain looks deplorable: due to the restriction of freedom of movement, it becomes inactive. Of course, it is convenient for owners to have a chained pet that guards the home around the clock. And what about animals?

Maria Shilina: — Such conditions of detention are inappropriate for them. Suffice it to recall the saying: “The legs feed the wolf.” At one time it was believed that wolves — dog ancestors. But recently, scientists from the University of Chicago came to the conclusion that wolves are not the ancestors of dogs, most likely, they are cousins: 11–34 thousand. years ago they had a common ancestor. But as whatever it it , that common wild ancestor probably didn’t sit in a kennel at a dacha, waiting for stew from the owner, but hunted prey in a friendly flock, tracked down and ran tens of kilometers in a day . Therefore, for any dog, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of activity leads to the occurrence of joint pathologies in the form of a violation of the development of the ligamentous apparatus, degenerative diseases & mdash; arthritis and arthrosis. Arthritis occurs as a result of inflammation of the joints, and it also affects all other systems and organs of the dog. In case of metabolic disorders (gout, diabetes mellitus), joints are affected, and then veterinarians use the term “arthropathy”. And here, arthrosis occurs due to the natural wear and tear of the joints.

Prosthetics of a single joint with a titanium analogue will cost 80–100 thousand. rub. for a large dog.

If the owner did not  pay attention to the first signs of the disease — limping, unsteady gait, — then over time, a neglected disease turns into malignant tumor.

— Is it true that in some cases a limping gait can be caused by a violation of bone mineralization? Why does this happen?

— Yes, improper feeding leads to the appearance of such signs, when alimentary hyperparathyroidism passes into a secondary form. It is advisable to feed the dog according to the dietitian's recommendations. Can't buy a balanced diet? The dog's diet is simple: 60% — proteins, 30% — carbohydrates, 10% — vegetables. Protein foods include cottage cheese, milk, eggs, dairy products, chicken breast, tenderloin. This category also includes offal: chicken feet and heads, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, udders, beef and lamb tails. However, by-products should not be often present in a dog's diet, since they contain low-digestible protein and cannot be the main source of protein.

Carbohydrates in the diet of dogs are represented by cereals: rice, buckwheat, wheat, oat and barley. Any porridge on water is well suited for pets. But it’s better not to give barley, corn, millet and semolina, they are rather harmful.

Healthy vegetables: pumpkin, cucumber, turnip, carrot, zucchini and broccoli.

Aggressive pet

— In addition to problems with  joints, dogs on chains eventually develop aggressive behavior not on strangers, but and                         How to avoid this?

— No way, if you continue to keep the dog in the booth. Mental disorders occur in every dog, deprived of full communication with household members and freedom of movement. A cute and kind pet will become angry and irritable: without daily outdoor games with the owner, the security service becomes a maximum security prison. In several countries, containing dogs on a chain equates to cruelty to animals, and it is prohibited by law, which is quite fair.

It is best to build an aviary for a pet. They come in different shapes and sizes, there are even with booths inside. The area of ​​u200bu200bthe structure depends on the height of the dog (at the withers). For example, up to 0.5 m — 6 m², up to 0.6 m — 8 m², over 0.6 m — from 10 m².

Do what you want, but the dog will already be able to move at least a little in it, do his exercises, stretch his paws, scratch his back, jump without feeling a heavy chain on his chest . But and keeping in an enclosure does mean that the dog should be there around the clock: sometimes let it run around the site, walk with every day.

How to build an aviary

We were instructed on this issue by expert in the manufacture of enclosures for dogs Stanislav Polyakov. On average, an aviary is 2 × 4 under the order will cost you 320 thousand. rub., when building on your own — 150–200 thousand rub.

Tools: welding machine, saw, hammer.

Materials: metal profile (40 x 25 mm) for the frame; profile (15 x 15 mm); fittings from 18 mm for grating; larch or oak lumber (roof and 2–3 walls, from 15 mm); floor board (50 x 150 mm); roof board (50 x 100 mm); slate or roofing material, or ondulin, or flexible roofing (roof); lining for imitation of timber (17 & nbsp; mm); texturol; paint for wood and metal.

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