China announces new firing exercises

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China will conduct new exercises with firing in the Yellow Sea from August 6 to 15. Maneuvers will be held in the southern part of the Yellow Sea until August 15. This week, the shooting exercises near Taiwan, which China began after Pelosi's visit to the island, should end. The US, Australia and Japan have previously called for them to stop media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 1200w" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi)" >

China's People's Liberation Army began a new live-fire military exercise on August 6, CGTN reported, citing the country's Maritime Security Administration.

The maneuvers are taking place in the southern part of the Yellow Sea and will last until August 15.

At the same time, China is conducting exercises in the air and in the waters near Taiwan, accompanied by shooting maneuvers will continue until Sunday, August 7th. As part of the exercise, Beijing has already worked out strikes on the Taiwan Strait, and also launched 11 ballistic missiles, five of which landed in the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

The military maneuvers were China's response to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, who visited the island on August 2 as part of an Asian tour. Beijing considers the island, which declared independence from China in 1949, its territory. The Chinese authorities sharply criticized Pelosi's visit, saying that she challenged the world, deliberately committed a provocation and violated the “one China” principle. Beijing has suspended US cooperation in a number of areas and decided to impose sanctions against Pelosi.

Washington insists that Pelosi's arrival does not contradict the “one China” principle; and does not mean a change in US policy towards China. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that Beijing's suspension of US-China dialogue on some issues, including climate change, would have long-term consequences. He called the measures taken by China as part of military exercises disproportionate to Pelosi's peaceful visit to Taiwan.

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Concerns about China's actions were also expressed by the authorities of Australia and Japan, who called on the country to stop the exercises. Taiwan said that Beijing “seeks to solve the problem by force, not by peaceful means,” and its actions pose a threat to the island's major ports. In connection with the maneuvers of the PRC, the military of Taiwan increased the level of combat readiness.

The Kremlin said that military exercises near Taiwan— “China's sovereign right”. The Russian authorities also condemned Pelosi's visit to the island, calling it an “unnecessary provocation”.

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