Chemezov called the start date for mass production of Checkmate

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The production of the fighter is scheduled to begin in 2027. Checkmate is focused mainly on exports, Chemezov emphasized, nevertheless expressing the hope that the Russian Ministry of Defense will also be interested in it

Model of the Su-75 Checkmate fighter

Serial production of the single-engine Checkmate fighter is scheduled to begin in 2027, the CEO of Rostec told Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sergey Chemezov. He expressed the hope that the Ministry of Defense would like to purchase such an aircraft.

“I think that this aircraft will be very good. This is a fifth generation machine, a light aircraft. <…> This is a new generation multifunctional platform. It is capable of effectively resisting fifth-generation aircraft in long-range and short-range combat,— said the head of the state corporation.

He noted that Checkmate is mainly focused on exports. The aircraft is being created at Rostec's own funds. without attracting budget money, the CEO emphasized.

For the first time, Rostec presented a prototype fighter developed by the Sukhoi company at the International Aviation and Space Salon in 2021. The maximum combat load of the aircraft is 7.4 thousand kg, the flight range in the absence of external fuel tanks & mdash; 2.9 thousand km. Checkmate plans to arm with air-class missiles air” guided missiles “air” earth”, corrected laser-guided aerial bombs, unguided aircraft missiles and cannon weapons. The creators took the basis of the on-board equipment and the engine from the fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft with some changes, Chemezov said.

As the creators of the aircraft noted, the cost of a flight hour will be six to seven times lower than that of the F- 35 (for an American fighter this figure is $33–35 thousand).

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The first flight of the fighter is scheduled for 2023.

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