Can animals laugh?

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 32. Take a check per capita 08/10/2022

They say «neighs like a horse». And can can animals actually laugh?

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"Animals have a sense of humor and in their own way show a cheerful mood — says artistic director of the Moscow Cat Theater Yuri Kuklachev. — Cats open their eyes wide, start jokingly “fight” with a person, without releasing claws. Dogs twist their tail like a propeller, touchingly press their ears, fall on front paws, fall on back, raising their paws up. Some dogs love to make people laugh by doing funny tricks, and they themselves enjoy being laughed at. The bears bounce with joy, and the horses nod their heads and stomp on the spot, shifting their front legs. As scientists have established, the sound of laughter in  animals is diverse: in primates it is panting and chuckling, in other mammals — purring, whistling, smacking, grunting or ultrasonic squeaking, like in & nbsp; rats.

“Vocal game”, reminiscent of laughter, was found in & nbsp; 65 & nbsp; species of animals.

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