Bloomberg: Putin may have an important ally in NATO and the G7

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin may have an influential ally in the North Atlantic Alliance and the G7. According to Bloomberg, this could be Mario Draghi's likely successor as Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni.

After Draghi's departure from the post of Italian prime minister, Putin, hoping for an old friendship, will probably count on milder restrictive measures and pressure on Kyiv to make Ukraine agree to Russia's terms, Maria Tadeo, the author of the publication, shared her point of view.

“The Italian political class is experiencing a strange infatuation with Russia,” the article states.

Except In addition, it is emphasized that Putin-friendly Silvio Berlusconi is an ally of Meloni's Brothers of Italy party, so the politician will play a key role in the new Italian government.

According to Tadeo, Italy occupies one of the main positions in the world politics, and this will play into Putin's hands, since Rome's decisions on restrictive measures will be taken into account not least.


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