Biden’s new Covid antibody test comes back positive

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US President Joe Biden tested positive for coronavirus again on Friday morning and will continue to be in strict self-isolation, his attending physician, Kevin O'Connor, said.

According to him , cough has almost stopped, other symptoms of coronavirus are absent. However, the president remains in strict self-isolation.

“The cough is almost completely gone. His temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and saturation level remain completely normal. His lungs stay clear, — TASS quotes a doctor's statement.

Recall that the US president became ill with a coronavirus, it became known on July 21. Then he said in social networks that he suffers the disease easily and continues to work. On July 27, Biden came out of quarantine, as the test showed the absence of covid. On July 30, the result of a second test turned out to be positive again.

Earlier, American professor George Mason suggested that the president could have had a so-called “viral breakthrough” when the particles of the virus that remained in the body began to multiply again, and the disease continued.

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