Biden supported Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from the Gaza Strip

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US President Biden supported Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from the Gaza Strip The US President said that the people of both Israel and Palestine deserve to live in security and peace, and called on all parties to the conflict to fully respect the ceasefire< source srcset=" 800w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 400px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >webp” type=”image/webp”>

U.S. President Joe Biden called his support for Israel's security “long and unwavering”, including his support for Tel Aviv's right to defend itself against attacks from the Gaza Strip, follows from a statement by the head of state published on the White House website .

“I welcome today's announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza-based militants after three days of fighting,” Biden said, noting that the United States has been working with the authorities of Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan during these three days to help resolve the conflict quickly.


The American president called the reports of civilian casualties in Gaza a tragedy, promised to support the investigation of these events and called on all parties to “fully respect the ceasefire and ensure the flow of fuel and humanitarian supplies to Gaza.”

“How I made it clear during my recent trip to Israel and the West Bank [Jordan] that both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live in security and peace, to enjoy freedom, prosperity and democracy equally,— concluded Biden.

On August 5, Israel launched Operation Dawn. against “Islamic Jihad” (a terrorist group banned in Russia). Prime Minister Yair Lapid explained that it is aimed at “eliminating a specific threat to the citizens of Israel.” At the end of the first day, the Israeli army reported the destruction of 15 terrorists, including the commander of the northern brigade of the Islamic Jihad military wing; Taysira al-Jabari.

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In response to airstrikes, more than 500 rockets were fired from Gaza, some of them were intercepted by Iron Air Defense dome”, and some did not reach the goal, wrote The Times of Israel.

On August 7, Lapid announced that the goals of the operation had been fulfilled and it was useless to continue, but Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz instructed to prepare for the continuation of hostilities.

Later, Israel and Islamic Jihad (a terrorist group banned in Russia) managed to agree on a ceasefire. The agreement entered into force on August 7 at 23:30 local time, but a few minutes after the start of the truce in southern Israel, alarm sirens went off warning of a possible rocket attack.

The UN, Russia and the European Union called on the parties to the conflict to restraint and the resumption of the ceasefire. Egypt acted as an intermediary in the negotiations.

«Islamic Jihad»— is a paramilitary Islamist group that wants to create an independent Palestinian Islamic state and destroy Israel in a jihad. It was founded in the 1970s by Sunnis from the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist movement. (banned in Russia).

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