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Sara Starling

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Pokémon has always lit a flame in the bellies of its fanbase. From the very first moments, the beloved series gave you a dilemma that would come to define your adventure. Would you choose a fire, water, or grass starter? Fire Pokémon have always had massive popularity and these beloved creatures deserve the praise they get. Here are 10 of the best flaming friends around. 


It‘s impossible to talk about fire Pokémon and not mention the most iconic of them all. Charizard has a lot of options throughout the series, with two Mega Pokémon and a Gigantmax. The Pokémon’s hidden ability makes it strong for Sun teams when in normal form too. It will always be a beloved favorite and one of the best Pokémon in general. 


With the introduction of hidden abilities, Ninetales gained the Drought ability (which causes harsh sunlight, that has various effects) making it one of the greatest Pokémon in the game just by having that ability. It made sun teams so much more viable and even outside of the set-up role Ninetales has a lot of fun utility that it can use to mess with foes. The Pokémon is also oved for its beauty and myth-inspired design ensuring it has a place in the hearts of trainers forever. 


Early ideas for this majestic creature had it as a legendary pokemon. The Pokémon has always had an aura of majesty to it, only further amplified by it being a powerhouse in battle. The Pokémon fits in any Pokémon team and it’s wide move pull even makes it a fun Pokémon friend for Pokémon contests if that’s your preference in-game. 


Talonflame has one of the most powerful abilities in the game, distinguishing itself from almost every early bird Pokémon by being a standout Pokémon in battle. Gale Wings makes all its flying moves go first (with a few exceptions) – making it able to be absolutely devastating. The battlefield isn’t the only place it stands out though, the Flame Body ability let’s it be useful for anyone breeding Pokémon, allowing eggs to hatch faster. Talonflame will always be useful for trainers of all kinds.


Salazzle is a Pokémon brimming with potential. Its signature corrosive ability is very cool, allowing it to poison steel types (which normally can’t be done) on top of generally being fast and strong. It is probably better known for having a Pokedex entry saying that it has “reverse-harems” – which is wild for a kids’ game. Be it for its memeable lore, slick design, cool ability or strength, the Pokémon is a massively popular one. It’s an excellent fire type for any trainer’s roster. 


The fire starter bunny perfectly encapsulates the Galar region with its design. The footballer aesthetic is such a perfect match for the massive stadiums and stages the trainers fight in. The Pokémon feels like it was made to be a star of its region and that’s only amplified by the fact it’s actually really strong. Cinderace much like Greeninja can change the type of its attacks if you use its hidden ability (Libero) – that allows for it to be a threat to so many Pokémon in battle. Truly this battle bunny is one of the greatest fire types ever. 


It’s very rare for the middle form of a Pokémon to be its most popular, yet somehow Braixen is. Braixen was a playable character in the fighting game Pokken, being a wildly popular choice for the competitive scene of that game. The creature is fast, It’s strong, and it’s design says so much about it. The adorable witchy design, with the tail hiding a wand, speaks to so many trainers. If Pok é mon ever created a metagame for mid evolutions, no one would be shocked to see Braixens swarming the battlefields of many trainer teams. Until then – they always have Pokken. 


From the first episode of Pokémon, Ho-oh inspired Pokémon fans, in the minds of so many it will always have infinite potential.  The Pokémon’s tie to the lore of the second generation’s lore makes it a Pokémon that will never leave the minds of old school fans, with its amazing Sacred Ash attack being a great hook for more modern fans to give it a try. This legendary bird will stand out among the crowd for years and years to come. 


This cleverly designed ghost was a heavyweight fire type in Gen 5’s competitive meta. This one fits right in with any haunted house, giving spooky wisp vibes and possessed furniture at the same time. The Pokémon has two things anyone who wants to focus on damage wants – which is speed and strength, allowing it to not just be a Halloween favorite but a scary threat in battle. Facing off against one of these most trainers will have to sweat about what approach they can take to defeat it lest their whole team fall to its strength. 

Alolan Marowak

No other regional variant has reached the level of fan service as Alolan Marowak. Since Red and Blue players have longed to capture the ghost of Marowak they battled and years later players finally could. This ghost fire Pokémon simply works on multiple levels both as a Hawaiian fire dancer and as little wink at fans that were there from the start. Thanks to the flexibility of its move set and its high stats, this Pokémon stands out as an amazing choice for any team able to kick foes to the curb with ease.

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