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Kremlin announces Putin’s participation in G20 summit in Indonesia

Moscow received an invitation for Putin to take part in the November summit and “responded positively,” said presidential aide Yury Ushakov. Zelensky was also invited to the meeting, but he has not yet responded “The Kremlin has announced Putin's participation in the G20 summit in Indonesia” /> Russia has received an invitation to take part […]

Finland banned the import of strong alcohol from Russia

The ban was introduced as part of the sixth EU sanctions package. Earlier, Finland also banned the import of gasoline in cans In accordance with EU sanctions, it was forbidden to import strong alcohol from Russia to Finland, Yle TV channel reported, citing the country's Customs Service. The restriction affected vodka, gin and whiskey, as […]

Putin personally congratulates Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on his 65th birthday

Photo: Global Look Press Upon arrival in Ashgabat on June 29, Vladimir Putin will go to the upper house of the Turkmen parliament to congratulate him on his anniversary its current chairman, and in the recent past, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.     «At 13.30 we arrive and go to congratulate (the speaker) in […]

Putin in Tajikistan will discuss Afghanistan and the Taliban

Photo: Global Look Press Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov said that special attention during the visit of Vladimir Putin to Tajikistan, which will take place on -June 29, will be given to the situation in Afghanistan. According to him, this is the main problem for Dushanbe. “Given the current difficult situation in this country, it is […]

Zelensky met with the President of Moldova

In Kyiv massively handed out subpoenas to the draft board to visitors of nightclubs

Photo: Global Look Press In Kyiv, the police issued 219 draft notices to men who visited nightclubs or walked around after the curfew began. city. The press service of the National Police of Ukraine reported on the massive delivery of subpoenas. Law enforcement officers conducted night raids in the capital, checking parks, squares, and nightclubs. […]

The United States was going to provide Ukraine with anti-missile NASAMS

Air defense crews are likely to come from Lithuania The United States is going to supply medium and long-range missile defense systems to Ukraine. This is reported by CNN, citing an informed source. Earlier, it was about possible deliveries of American Patriots to Ukraine. Later, the idea somehow came to naught. According to experts, the […]

Satanovsky explained the US fixation on the creation of new military blocs

American politicians make money on their creation The new Partners in the Blue Pacific (PBP) block, which was created by the United States in partnership with Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, according to a political scientist Evgeny Satanovsky, directed against China. Despite the fact that it does not yet include South Korea […]

State Duma deputy revealed the episode with the general and the crane on Snake Island

“Within an hour I was trained to work on a crane installation, took all financial responsibility” Snake Island, which is located in the north of -western part of the Black Sea. It has long passed under our control, but the Ukrainian armed forces have already made several attempts to retake the island, which is of […]

Ukrainian special services wrote off military drugs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for “intrigues of Russian spies”

The absurd version is designed to cover up the collapse of the Ukrainian army In Kyiv — another loud revelation. The SBI of Ukraine (analogous to the American FBI) ​​reported on the exposure of a gang that supplied “combat drugs” & nbsp; to the front.  The fact that the fighters of the Armed Forces of […]

The commander of the brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Volyn” told who ordered the surrender of “Azovstal”

Photo: Social networks Commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Volynsky with the call sign “Volyn”, who was on the territory of the metallurgical plant ” Azovstal” in Mariupol, spoke about the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian army Valery Zaluzhny to surrender, writes the Military Chronicle Telegram […]

The expert allowed military reforms in Russia after the special operation

And named the key know-how of tactics in 4 months Four months have passed since the start of the special military operation. Experts analyze its intermediate results and tactics. Thus, military expert Ilya Kramnik highlighted several key points in the actions of our troops. Photo: AP Estimating the estimated time frame conducting a special operation, […]

Named the forecast for Russia at the NATO summit

North Atlantic Alliance is going to strengthen its eastern flank From 28 to 30 June, the NATO summit will be held in Madrid. Particular attention at the meeting of NATO leaders will be given to the Ukrainian theme. The parties will discuss the possibility of strengthening support for Kyiv. But among the members of the […]

Military expert Knutov called the possibilities of the Polish army in Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press The Polish army is quite large and well-armed, it received good equipment from the United States: Abrams tanks, Zentin Patriot missile systems and F-16 fighter jets. Yuriy Knutov, a military expert and director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, announced this in an interview with Earlier, Polish Prime Minister […]

“Make anti-Russia out of a piece of Ukraine”: political scientist Markov described the US plan

The West has developed three scenarios Ukraine became one of the main topics at the G7 summit. According to some reports, Germany, France, Italy and part of the American political establishment are inclined to believe that the country needs peace talks with Russia. Like, only the semblance of “Minsk 3” will save the remnants of […]

Putin is tested for strength: relations with the West are waiting for a new explosion

In the coming days, it will become clear whether the fuse can be extinguished Every summer, this situation always happens to me: I definitely need to write about something, and writing, it seems to me, especially about nothing. In the hot summer of 2022, a similar misfortune happened to me this Monday. On the information […]

“If you try to escape from Azot, we will bury it”

How the National Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine treated the civilians of Severodonetsk On the territory of the Azot industrial zone in Severodonetsk, all the hostages were released, said LPR Ambassador to the Russian Federation Rodion Miroshnik. Only on Monday, June 27, the combined forces of the Russian Federation and the LPR took […]

The hostages of “Azot” spoke about the months of horror in the dungeons: “I buried my son here”

MK Special Correspondent reports from the LPR The forces of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), with the support of Russian troops, completely liberated Severodonetsk and the Azot plant. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov. On the second day, civilians are being […]

In Ulyanovsk among drivers there were competitions in “tram bowling”

In Ulyanovsk, the drivers competed in the “tram bowling”, according to the publication Podyom on its Telegram channel. This game completed the competition of professional skills, which is held in the city Every year. According to the deputy director of MUE “Ulyanovskelectrotrans” Victor Trepalin, first the drivers passed the theory, and then took part in […]

Why was a criminal case opened against the ambulance doctors who saved Shatunov?

A criminal case was opened against the ambulance doctors who transported Yuri Shatunov from the hospital in the village of Rastunovo to the Domodedovo hospital. representative of the singer Arkady Kudryashov. “Now a criminal case has been opened against the ambulance doctors. Therefore, at first we were not allowed to bury Yura, we were not […]

In Crimea, they announced a new shelling of the Chornomorneftegaz platform

No one was hurt, according to emergency services. As a result of the previous strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the drilling rigs of the company in the Black Sea, three people were injured and burned, seven more were missing Chernomorneftegaz platform in the Black Sea came under fire, a spokesman for emergency […]

Blinken estimated the damage to Russia from the G7 ban on gold imports

Blinken: Russia will lose about $19 billion annually from the G7 ban on gold imports The US Secretary of State stressed that the sanctions already imposed on Russia are seriously affecting its economy. Following the summit in Germany, the G7 plans to announce a ban on Russian gold imports were announced by American leader Joe […]

Bloomberg learned about the decision of the G7 to provide military assistance to Ukraine indefinitely

Against the backdrop of statements about the possibility of a protracted conflict in Ukraine, the leaders of the Seven, following the summit in Germany, plan to announce their intention to help Kyiv “as much as it takes” G7 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan) in a statement following the summit that […]

G7 to launch competitor to China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ project

The G7 Global Infrastructure Partnership will implement “groundbreaking projects” in developing countries. The US will send $200 billion to the project; the total investment of the G7 countries will amount to $600 billion by 2027 =”G7 will launch a competitor to China's 'One Belt, One Road' project” /> G7 leaders at the summit at Elmau […]

Johnson announced the end of the “party” for Russian energy carriers

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, in particular, counts on the help of the OPEC countries with the supply of energy resources instead of Russian Boris Johnson G7 countries realize that the “party” for Russian hydrocarbons has come to an end, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview with CNN. “I think here […]

The Times has learned that Prince Charles received from the Prime Minister of Qatar € 3 million in bags

Between 2011 and 2015, Prince Charles personally accepted donations to the charitable foundation from the Qatari sheikh. Their total amount was €3 million, cash was packed into bags and a suitcase .jpg” alt=”The Times has learned that Prince Charles received €3 million in bags from the Prime Minister of Qatar” /> Prince Charles of Wales […]

Johnson invited G7 leaders to show in the photo that they are “cooler” than Putin

The Prime Minister of Britain jokingly suggested that his colleagues undress to show that they are “cooler” than the President of Russia. “We will demonstrate bare-chested riding,” said the Prime Minister of Canada. Putin has been photographed more than once with a naked torso on vacation Fumio Kishida, Boris Johnson, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles […]

Matvienko announced Russia’s unwillingness to “engage in boltology” with Ukraine

According to the speaker of the Federation Council, Moscow is ready to negotiate with Kyiv “on realistic terms”, which are known. “Clearly and clearly stated our conditions must be accepted,” she said Valentina Matvienko Russia is ready to negotiate with Ukraine “on realistic terms”, said Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko in an interview Belarusian TV […]

Swiss customs reveals 18 violations of sanctions against Russia

The Swiss authorities have identified 18 cases of violation of the sanctions imposed against Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security. The department did not give details. The country, despite its neutral status, decided to join the restrictive […]

Turkey vows not to join sanctions against Russia

Erdogan's representative Kalin: Turkey does not intend to join sanctions against Russia According to Erdogan's representative, Turkey periodically receives Western requests for anti-Russian sanctions, but Ankara protects its interests and does not intend to impose sanctions against Russia Turkey does not intend to join the sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia, Turkish presidential […]