A Forgotten Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Hits Netflix Next Month

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itemprop=”headline name”>A Forgotten Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Hits Netflix Next Month


Scott Campbell

28 mins ago


His two returns to the Terminator franchise in Genisys and Dark Fate may have both failed to set the box office alight and ignite the all-new trilogy that the series keeps trying to launch to no avail, but for the most part, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been taking more risks than ever before since making his full-time return to acting almost a decade ago after finishing up his two terms as the Governor of California.

A trio of cameos in the Expendables films might have required him to do little more than basically wink at the camera, but the action icon has significantly diversified his output nonetheless. He tackled a modern Western as the aging gunslinger at the center of The Last Stand, appeared as a morally torn father in zombie drama Maggie, went serious as a grieving family man in Aftermath, and will soon make his episodic TV debut in Netflix’s untitled globetrotting spy show.

He also made a bizarre detour into the realms of Chinese fantasy cinema by starring alongside Jackie Chan in The Iron Mask, but one of his more forgotten recent efforts is returning to the Netflix library next month on March 1st. Killing Gunther sees Schwarzenegger as the titular assassin, who finds himself being hunted by a crack team of rising hitmen and women trying to make a name for themselves.

While he only flits in and out of the movie, it’s clear that he’s having a whale of a time getting to utilize his underrated comic chops, and he comfortably steals the entire show. Self-aware and intentionally hammy, at this stage of his distinguished career, we could really do with seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in lightweight comedic fare like Killing Gunther more often.

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