New Music Friday: You can count on Wuh Oh

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New Music Friday: You can count on Wuh Oh

Notes on this week’s new releases, carrying on as if everything’s normal and as if there haven’t been roughly no new posts on the site for about eight years:

  • I’ve been saying for a while that there simply aren’t enough popstars called Peter but Wuh Oh is very popstar and very Peter 1 and his new single Softstyle is brilliant in about forty different ways. (One of those ways is that it includes counting, and most songs with counting are at least slightly excellent.)
  • Baby Queen, aka possibly the planet’s best new pop entity, releases her new single Buzzkill today. She’s wearing a party hat in the artwork.
  • The Raye single is a really unusual and strong single. It sort of goes into I Will Survive near the end.
  • One indi­vidual who’s proved time and time again that she knows one end of a pop song from the other is Only You hitmaker Zara Larsson, whose breathy slink­banger Love Me Land is out today. IT’S A TRANTER AND MICHAELS NUMBER. (Edit: As has been noted, it’s also a Jason Gill number.)
  • The Amiigo / Frool / Sara Sangfelt single sounds like it’s con­stantly on the verge of bursting into Rhythm Is A Dancer. More songs should do this. Actually: more songs should sound like they’re on the verge of bursting into Rhythm Is A Dancer and actually burst into Rhythm Is A Dancer.
  • According to Spotify Emilyn, the featured vocalist on a really quite good song called Party Animal, currently boasts zero monthly listeners. Let’s see if we can get this into double figures.
  • BBC Sound Of 2021 poll short­l­is­ted, 2022 Mercury Music Prize nominated duo Sad Night Dynamite release their first proper single today and it’s about four different songs in one — irres­ist­ible value for money as we charge toward a global recession.

  • Peter Ferguson — that’s his full name

    • AMIIGO
    • Ashnikko
    • Baby Queen
    • Naaz
    • Raye
    • Sad Night Dynamite
    • Wafia
    • Wuh-Oh
    • Zara Larsson

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