New Music Friday: Nina NOTDsbitt have painful shoes

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New Music Friday: Nina NOTDsbitt have painful shoes

Notes on this week’s new releases:

  • My proposed morator­ium on ‘tears on the dancefloor’-themed pop songs didn’t really pan out very well and the new NOTD and Nina Nesbitt song also ref­er­ences another topic on the Popjustice banned list — wearing your ex’s old t‑shirt — but Cry Dancing is a great tune. “It’s not my heart that’s breaking, it’s just these shoes are killing me” — WHAT A LINE.
  • ALSO A LINE: “This house is on fire, woo.” That’s a line you’ll find in the new Troye single.
  • Jesus bloody Christ the Joan album is shaping up to be a complete monster.
  • Resin Moon — real name Dave — has released a really beautiful new single called The Middle. It’s his second release of 2020; the other is the Covid-themed ‘jam’ Shake Your Booty (At An Appropriate Social Distance).
  • The Calvin Harris Love Regenerator Experiment comes to fruition today with the Steve Lacy col­lab­or­a­tion Live Without Your Love.
  • Kygo has Done A Kygo on Tina Turner‘s What’s Love Got To Do With It. It’s brilliant but it’s also terrible, with an abso­lutely atrocious and bor­der­line criminal key change, but I’m excited to hear what 2021’s big summer Kygo-slash-diva col­lab­or­a­tion will be. (Spoiler: it will be Diana Ross.)
  • Annie‘s really incred­ible new album — produced in its entirety by The Sound Of Arrows’ Stefan Storm — continues its rollout this week with The Bomb.
  • There is one song on this week’s playlist which is extremely good but seems to have been written by someone who’s never actually met a member of the opposite sex and may well have based their entire under­stand­ing of rela­tion­ships on what they’ve heard in pop songs. Not a bad way to go through life ‘tbh’.
  • Regrettably, Spinnin’ have decided to release a cover of Kesha’s TiK ToK.

  • Calvin Harris
  • Joan
  • Nasty Cherry
  • Nina Nesbitt
  • Tina Bloody Turner!

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