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Shawn James – Brother Lyrics

[Verse 1] I didn’t like you when I first met you, but then you grew on me I’ve got a tendency to like the wilder ones Haunted by demons you were going through hell, I wanted you to be free I didn’t know if I could help or not, but I wouldn’t flee [Chorus] Now when I reach out […]

Scepto – Zij Lyrics

[Refrein] Ik had genoeg van de liefde Maar wil ze dagelijks spreken En zij maakt me gek nu, da weet ze En zo kan ze mij altijd breken Ik had het nooit zo gevoeld Ik had het nooit zo bekeken Maar zij maakt me gek nu, da weet ze En zo kan ze mij altijd breken [Verse] 24 en […]

Pj Sin Suela – Perdona La Espera Lyrics

Letra de “Perdona La Espera” Hello, PJ habla claro como albino Tu carrera esta cerca delfín como Dan Marino Entendiste ¿del fin? pescao no subestime Cada vez que rime vua ver como tu ego se deprime Y se apunta una .45 Pedro Martínez La esprime tengo a tu subconsciente usando kleenex Sudando gotas de frío, […]

Uncle Jed – Bring Me You Lyrics

Tickle my fancy And bring me a tea Make it hot like the one yesterday And bring me a field of your favourite flower Make it mine and then mine I will make Then bring me you Draw me a picture I’m dying to know What you see when you look in me Then I’ll […]

Nico Yaryan – Infinity Lyrics

[Verse 1] You drifted in From the cold like a winters dream In you I saw my life unfolding out for me Under what name could this apparition be You said Femke but it sounded like [Chorus] Infinity sounded like infinity to me [Verse 2] I came to you At the end of another life […]

Son Feci Bisiklet – Viva La Vadi Lyrics

Bir yolunda gitmedi Bu küçük gezegenin işleri Sonsuz ömürleri var gibi kibirleri Petrol kokardı bakımlı elleri Geçmiş geleceği belirler Diye hep bir ağızdan yalan söylerler Her şeyi geri çevirmek mümkün Birlikte ve topyekün Boyun eğmeden, boyun eğene değmeden Öyle bir hayat düşün ki Verdiğin o son nefes olsun milyonlarca ses Bi’saniye durun Çünkü ben hiçbir […]

Quentin Miller – Love Costs. Lyrics

[Intro] Yuh [Chorus] You gon’ ride for me? You gotta show me Said you down for me, you gotta show me If I was down, would you leave me lonely? What your love cost, ’cause it ain’t free You got your own, girl you doin’ okay She like Louis Vuitton, she like Dolce I can’t f*ck around, no I won’t play I need all […]

Jae Tips – River Road Lyrics

First I love you then I hate you then I love you again After the second time I call I think we better as friends I know im petty Being petty Made me have to pretend How it would feel being with you And how sweet is yo kiss I know yo boyfriend ain’t at […]

Salta La Banca – Heidi Lyrics

Twittea infiernos detrás del cascarón, mientras jadea, su pseudo rebelión Acá el problema es que te descuidas, y la más Heidi parece satanás Se afila los colmillos, dulces, de cotillón y exhibe sus nudillos, dureza, tiesa de cartón Y a vos te endurece el cuerpo inquieto de hielo, de la podredumbre que genera la costumbre […]

Grant Knoche – Paper House Lyrics

[Verse] Who made it heaven Who made your dinner And polished the silver (ware) Who saw the warnings The flames in the distance And still just didn’t care [Pre Chorus] Even us flickering Is the prettiest thing I’ll keep my mouth shut But if anyone asks [Chorus] You were the match In this paper house of mine You came […]

Gill Landry – The Only Game In Town Lyrics

We just met I appreciate the enthusiasm but don’t fall in love just yet Love is such a game of chance you’ll never know just what you’ll get Don’t show those cards before the chips are down Playing hearts ain’t the only game in town I’m no pet Though this may seem like one of […]

Nydvind – The Call Of Mother Earth Lyrics

Signs will come from above Red skies drown on shores Our gods, fires draining dawn They’ll come from all the province They’ll ride and yell for the honour of the clan They’ll rise in funeral thunder Prepare the heathen night rite As the wounds will heal in dance shades Time has come to praise divine […]

Got A Girl – There’s A Revolution Lyrics

Say it with me, Say it coming with me Through the back door shakin up the third floor Move your mind is turning on a dime So play it for us arriving at the chorus Say, there’s a revolution on the way Make it with me, are you coming with me? Say it with me, […]

Jubyphonic – Veil Lyrics

So even if I’m turning over days I hate And even if I curse a fate I just can’t change They hang forever in my head again I’ll never win, I’ll never save you they said We’ll never reach it all, the ending scene Another pain inside my chest without your heat Our shoulders bump […]

Mitch Rossell – Not Enough Lyrics

Don’t seem like long ago It was me and you ridin’ down these roads Sneakin’ cigarettes, taking clubs Spent a lot of time tangled up, but not enough We’d talk about what was up ahead From the back of my El Camino bed You’d always say the sweetest stuff And I’d tell you how pretty […]

Loch Lomond – Blue Lead Fences Lyrics

[Verse 1] Climb upon the roof and peek Pantone cape around my neck Running fast, your shoes come off Nothing is left and nothing is lost [Refrain] It feels good to be young [Verse 2] Throwing air and throwing rocks Sharpened boards and filling ponds An eight year old having fun Let’s organize the weaker […]

Young Multi – List Otwarty Lyrics

[Producer Tags] Lauky Beatz HL8 [Zwrotka 1] Rodzice nie dali mi forsy, ale dali wiarę Ze sceny słychać krzyki stale, że jestem bananem Żaden z nich nie wie kim jestem i co przeżywałem Odkrywam te karty przed wami nie będę stał w ciszy Nie boje się plemion tej dziczy pomimo, że spokojny chłopak, nie zrobicie […]

Wivvamilie – Bleef Hangen Lyrics

[Intro] Was aan het stunten, was aan het stunten Was aan het stunten, was aan het stunten [Verse 1] Kwam binnen met een halve tray, ging weg en nam een tanga mee In de tussentijd geswitched van kamers als een dikke cake Koelkast altijd goed gevuld met drank, maar niet veel later leeg Ik stel […]

Glenn Travis – My Dream Came True Lyrics

[Verse 1] As the time goes and you start growing up faster I think about the first time that I laid eyes on you And you were so small, but perfect and oh such an angel You had me in love even before I knew you [Pre-Chorus] From her love, I would never be the […]

Das Pack – Keiner Da Lyrics

Hetze, Hitze, schlechte Witze brechen übers Knie Donnerwetter, Geistesblitzableiterstrategie Immer höher, schneller, weiter, Leiter rauf bis unters Dach Das macht dir von dein’ Begleitern erst mal so schnell keiner nach Doch komm du mir mal nach Hause für die Nacht 8 Stunden Pause, na, wer wartet da auf dich? Richtig Keiner da Keiner da Keiner […]

Thrudvangar – Abschied Lyrics

Das fahle Licht des Mondes Wechselt mit dem Rot des Morgens Der Ruf des Hahns schreckt die Mannen von Ihren Bänken auf Schwert und Axt ins Wehrgehänge Ein letztes mal mit trauter Runde Auf dem Drachen ist alles verstaut Die Taue noch einmal gestrafft Ein Blick zurück und Abschiedsworte Das Blut des Opferlamms für die […]

Dokott – Ut Och Ro Drag Lyrics

Dagen glider förbi Det är varmt och skönt och jag är fri Jag är nöjd och glad Har väskan fylld av limpa och marmelad Marmelad Ut och ro drag Ut och ro drag Ut och ro drag Ut och ro drag Ja nu är man på topp Firar livet med en kaffekopp Det gör inte […]

Inimigos Da Hp – Carnavrau Lyrics

Esse ano eu não vou namorar A solteirice é meu abadá Olhou, sorriu eu não vou perdoar De novo!!! Choveu mulher eu vou passar o rodo Eu não vou namorar Eu não vou namorar Se namora é tchau Tá solteira é carnavrau! Se namora é tchau Tá solteira é carnavrau! Se namora é tchau Tá solteira é carnavrau! Se namora é tchau Tá solteira […]

La Leyenda – Ya No Te Aguanto Lyrics

Tu, me mejor amiga La que siempre estaba En todos mis sueños y mis fantasías Tu, la que mas quería La que me borraba El dolor y tristeza con una sonrisa Haz cambiado tanto que ya no te aguanto Tu no eres la misma De la que yo me enamore Ahora eres tan distinta Ya […]

Mieke Telkamp – Het Dorpje Van St. Bernadette Lyrics

Lang was ik op reis, hier heel ver vandaan Ik ben op die reis ook naar Lourdes gegaan Waar deed ik ooit zo een innig gebed Als daar in het dorpje van St. Bernadette Refr.: Ave, ave, ave Maria Ave, ave, ave Maria Daar bij de grot was ik niet alleen Duizenden pelgrims zag ik […]

Eloy Polemico – Jardim Suspenso Lyrics (feat. Dj Batata Killa)

[Verso 1] Minority Report, animal Não se comparado à redução da maioridade penal ‘Cês dizem “livre-arbítrio”, escolha pessoal? Fácil falar bosta, se não entende o social, vai Liga a TV pra se informar, se informar Mas vai se informar pra quê? Jornal só faz chatear É organizado, o crime é organizado Cartéis abafados, presuntos defumados, […]

Mihimaru Gt – Squall Lyrics

降り注ぐ激しい雨 打たれながらも 別々の道見つめ 二人変わり続け 愛し続けた過去(とき)は消えてゆく あの日 突然の雨 びしょ濡れに 喧嘩別れ 二人のSTORY 好きなのに どうして 相手いたわる言葉を放棄 ・・・もういい 今日もあの時と同じ雨で 地下鉄の階段 駆け上がって また見る あなたの亡霊 交差点の向こうへ 最後の光景 求め合う二人はもういない 暗い現実の果てで泣く意味もない あなたのいない未来 踏み込めない 独り待ち続ける 償い 水性ペンで残された思い出 滲み出す あなたの面影 Squallは残酷に記憶をイレース すべてを洗い流さないで 降り注ぐ激しい雨 打たれながらも 別々の道見つめ 二人変わり続け 愛し続けた過去(とき)は消えてゆく いつまでも疼く この古傷 苦しむならいっそのこと 記憶喪失にでもなれれば楽なんだろう きやすめの口実 お互い足らない気遣い 投げつけられたシルバーリング 幼い二人だったね もう戻らない お伽話 安らぎ、苦しみ、は紙一重 今日も雨の恵み この街の人へ 出会い、別れ、ドラマ作り出して 平成ロミオとジュリエット タイムマシーン 時空を超えたシーン Squall水たまりダンシング あなたがやっぱり すごく愛おしい 小さな奇跡のお話 降り注ぐ激しい雨 打たれながらも いつも安らぎ求め いつも守り続け 答え探す過去(とき)は消えてゆく I don’t Know where I’m going, but I’m leaving you I don’t Know where I’m going, but I’m leaving you I don’t Know where I’m going, but I’m leaving you […]

Aneta Langerova – Nema Lyrics

Jsi mou němou útěchou Do nových dnů mě probouzíš Dotýká se mě tvého hlasu tón Když do mých snů tiše vcházíš Jsi mou kresbou barevnou Černobílým pohledem Skrýváš se do světa snů Mé tajemství obrazů Skrýváš se do světa snů Mé tajemství obrazů U sebe tě mám I když nejsi tu se mnou

Alex Cornell – Boston Lyrics

In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun… Oh dear you look so lost, eyes are red and tears are shed This world you must’ve crossed… she said… You don’t know me, you don’t even care, oh yeah She said You don’t know me, and you don’t wear my chains… […]

Bandhunta Izzy – Runnin Man Lyrics (feat. Young Crazy & Peewee Longway)

[Intro: Young Crazy] I think it’s funny now, yeah Ayy, I do the runnin’ man Yeah, ayy, ayy, might do the runnin’ man, damn Huh, what, yeah, ayy [Chorus: Young Crazy & Bandhunta Izzy] I took the boy off of bags, damn he can’t get money now He mad, I’m sittin’ laughin’, hah, I think […]