Towkio – Morning View (feat. SZA) lyrics

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[Verse 1: Towkio]
Good morning, faces out of pillow sheet
I watch you dream, only time you seem at peace
I’ve fallen into routine, we fight, fuck, then fall asleep
And then I wake up, I think to myself, “What a morning view”
When I would like to keep it, arms reach, I fall in synch with you, comfortable
Yeah, I said I wake up, I can’t help but think, “Ooh what a morning view”
I’d like to keep it, God said we’re made to create, that’s what we want to do
I say “Good morning”

[Verse 2: SZA]
We get the sun, watch it wash all over your face
Still taste you, still faded, might stay
Play hooky from work, I’d rather lay on you, what do you say?
Still taste you, still faded, might stay
Now that you’ve come back? Why did you stay out?
10:30, you got a career, but you cover my money
You need a ride, it’s gettin’ late, you stay the night
It’s 3 AM, no goin’ home, we break in day, you back again
Let’s get a taste of that morning view, all I see, all I see, all I see ooh
Wake up, I think to myself “Oh, what a morning view”
I think to myself “Oh, what a morning view”
Good, good, good morning

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