Dafydd – This Is Our Life lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I wake up in morning
Sh*t is in my head
Oh I God help me
Can’t get outta my head
I look at all my stuff
All effing disorganised
Just like my life
Plates festering under my bed
And my clothes all over the room
I see cups on my laptop
Then all I do is look up
Look up look up

This is it
This is it
This is my life
This is it
This is it
This is our life
As a youthi you should know
This is our life
As a young man you should know
This is our life

[Verse 2]
I know she thinking of me
I’m thinking of her
We both know it’s just for a few days
Or she go break my heart
Or I do the same to her
We camouflouge our feelings
Cos we ain’t good at promises
We just living our lives
Getting High
Love to lies
We are the kids
Your parents warned you about yeah

[Verse 3]
The wasted years
The wasted youth
The pretty lies
The ugly truth

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