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New Music Friday: Nina NOTDsbitt have painful shoes

New Music Friday: Nina NOTDsbitt have painful shoes July 17, 2020 Peter Robinson Notes on this week’s new releases: My proposed morator­ium on ‘tears on the dancefloor’-themed pop songs didn’t really pan out very well and the new NOTD and Nina Nesbitt song also ref­er­ences another topic on the Popjustice banned list — wearing your […]

New Music Friday: You can count on Wuh Oh

New Music Friday: You can count on Wuh Oh July 10, 2020 Peter Robinson Notes on this week’s new releases, carrying on as if everything’s normal and as if there haven’t been roughly no new posts on the site for about eight years: I’ve been saying for a while that there simply aren’t enough popstars […]

Bobby Pulido – Vive Lyrics

Vive todos tus dias Como si fuera tu ultimo dia Porque no sabes cuando te toca Tu despedida en esta vida loca Juan se fue de su casa muy enojado A su trabajo por una fuerte discucion Con su familia.. Se fue de su casa lleno de coraje Ciego y salvaje Fue creciendo su ira […]

Eman X Vlooper – Tout’nou Lyrics (feat. Papa T)

Addicted to them, they want come rule the world (x8) J’m’envais play hard, go hard Jouer dur comme un hooligan Mother f*ck the police, lâche mon bunda Quand tu m’croises, haut les mains Hold it down, f*ck les guns Mon gars f*ck ton money, f*ck t’es conne Quand tu joues aux échecs Ça sent d’icitte […]

Jordin Sparks – 100 Years Lyrics

There’s nothing better than you babe Can’t wait to kiss you every day Can it really be, I got that special key To lock your heart in place What am I supposed to do? Wishing when you’re in the other room You’re the only one who can break through All I think about is pleasing […]

Jake Bugg – Feel What’s Good Lyrics

(Verse 1) As in the morning the days reflecting the sun And on reflection I’m not proud of all I’ve done Open my eyes and I’ll see all is good Maybe these feelings are all misunderstood (Chorus) What will I find if I leave it behind, will I feel what’s good? What will they say? […]

Thompson Square – If It Takes All Night Lyrics

Words fly like bullets Each one aimed straight for the heart And there’s no take backs No no no once they start Let’s lay down our pride Put our anger aside It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right [CHORUS] If it takes If it takes all night If that’s what it takes To make this […]

Jimmy Ruffin – Lonely Lonely Man Am I Lyrics

[Verse 1] Lonely, lonely man am I As I sit here in my lonely room yeah People now, nothing’s been the same since you said to me We were all through Now, my my telephone never rings anymore (never rings) And no one ever knocks on my door Lonely, lonely man am I [Verse 2] […]

Paul Thorn – Crutches Lyrics

I like my artificial courage A shot of whiskey and beer It makes feel like superman I been leaning on it for years I take my morning “medication” “Hair of the dog” and I’m fine I swear I’m gonna lay my demons down I really mean it this time I’m gonna walk without my crutches someday Yeah, I’m gonna walk without my crutches someday […]

Air Review – Rebel Lyrics

When we were kids We believed in everything There’s only one thing left to believe in Now that we’re old And it’s the one thing I cannot ignore That you’re always on my mind And you’re always on my mind My mind And I can’t help That this heart beats in my chest And that […]

Moodymann – Tribute Lyrics

[Outro] And you don’t tell me what to do And you know what I like to do You, you know how much i love you You know I love you very much [?]‚ much And then‚ If I were to go out with you You never tell me what I want So get up off […]

Moonfall – Lost Lyrics

Let me into your world At the deep ends of time I gave everything I owned Your imperfections are mine Just shine a light through the night So far it seems the punishment won’t fit the crime I can’t hear your voice tonight I am trapped in this maze But I’m still not afraid The […]

Meek Mill ‘Green Light’ DJ Akademiks, Says AK Wants Him To Jeopardize His Freedom

Meek Mill is claiming that he put out a “green light” on DJ Akademiks as their beef intensifies. It’s round 43 of DJ Akademiks and Tekashi 6ix9ine vs Meek Mill. DJ Akademiks has not taken lightly to Meek Mill’s attempt to cancel him on social media and has a few choice words for the “Otherside […]

Andrea Bocelli – Sueno Lyrics

Ve, te esperaré la flor en el jardin diseña el tiempo lo dibujaré el dia después de tu regreso Si estaras segura de mi amor que te lo llevas para ti, preso entre tus manos llega hasta tu cara vuelves a pensar en mi De qué te servira mostrarle al mundo que No sé que […]

Pop Smoke – Mood Swings Lyrics (feat. Lil Tjay)

[Pop Smoke (Lil Tjay):] (Mood swings) Oh, you ain’t know I could sing? (Oh, oh, oh) Hahaha (Yeah) Shorty a lil’ baddie (She a lil’ baddie) Shorty my lil’ boo thing (Boo thing) And shorty got the fatty Shorty be catching mood swings Every time I f*ck without a rubber I nutted on the covers […]

Pop Smoke – Snitching Lyrics (feat. Future & Quavo)

So, you got the job doing what? Bro, I get payed to snitch now, nigga It’s really classified, I can’t really talk about this shit, my nigga Oh, my God Only reason I’m tellin you this, ’cause you my boy But don’t f*ck with me, you see what I did to Roger You seen what […]

Pop Smoke – Got It On Me Lyrics

Look Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on many men Many, many, many, many men Wish death ‘pon me Yeah, I don’t cry no mo’ I don’t look to […]

Leagues – Pass My Way Lyrics

If I saw you on the street Would you try to look at me with strangers eyes And all the secrets that you’ve told I kept them hid and held them close Would come alive And what was sleeping springs awake Summer sun would shine its way into the night And nothing more than seeing […]

Pop Smoke – For The Night Lyrics (feat. Dababy & Lil Baby)

[Pop Smoke:] CashMoneyAP Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em, oh Oh (I’m tryna f*ckin’ get ’em), oh (I’m tryna f*ckin’ get ’em) Oh, oh (Get ’em), oh Oh (Gettin’ big on this), oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh What do you want? Won’t tell you twice, yeah I’m a thief in […]

Lil’ Kim – Off The Wall Lyrics

[Lil’ Cease] Now get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now do it! [Puffy] (Kim) Queen Bee, Bad Boy baby (Uh, uh, uh) Let’s go! [Lil’ Kim] Ah! Ready or not here I come I’m a Bentley y’all something like a […]

Pop Smoke – Gangstas Lyrics

Them niggas gotta hear what the f*ck I’m talkin’ ’bout (Woo, woo) (I be in New York) Feel me, Lil’ Z? (I be in New York with the gangsters) On your set with some real shit, nigga (Gangsters) (Swerve) I don’t want none of that extra loud shit This ain’t none of that rainbow hair […]

Rema – Woman Lyrics

Another banger I’m in love with plenty women I no mind marry all of them E no matter the shape or color I go make sure say I must collect I get one wey be my sponsor I get one wey dey call me honey One wey dey do me witchy-witchy She dey do like […]

Nef The Pharaoh – Mac Of The Year Lyrics

Yeah Nigga, I’m the motherf*ckin’ mac of the motherf*ckin’ year of the motherf*ckin’ motherf*ckin’ year, motherf*ckin’ year, nigga I’m a mac, M-A-C and your bitch know it She can’t relax, nigga the bag and all he did was grow it Ain’t shit like this rap and this trap money Either way, I’ma get paid, that’s […]

Idris Elba – One Fine Day Lyrics (feat. Tigga Da Author)

[Intro] What a day What a long, long day What a day What a long, long day [Verse 1] I wake up in the early morning, sun is in my eyes Feelin’ like a champion, I’m never losin’ a fight I was runnin’ wild and chasin’ down all the tings I did not need Did a smile, you bring […]

Cian Ducrot – Hurt So Bad Lyrics

It’s harder alone when she feels this way To hearts is no home she’s so afraid And she knows it was hard for him to stay in when he feels this pain But she really needs someone to hold her A part of her life was just ripped away She feels empty always but she knows she can hold it Had her beautiful eyes […]

Aime Simone – Strange Inside Lyrics

Tell me a lie to adore As subtle as I won’t know anymore Ailment Say it now Imagine days of future I can live a life inside If only our love’s allowed No demons unknown Aware of what I hide No I don’t mind alone But I do feel strange inside It’s getting in my head Down in heaven lit My heart is Riot […]

Westside Gunn – Michael Irvin Lyrics

Conductor Ayo Ayo, everybody think they fly now, but ain’t nobody flyer (Ah) You ever cooked a half a brick in the air fryer? (Ah) Shootin’ out the Lambo truck ’til I was tired (Brr, boom, boom, boom, boom) Cases everywhere, burned a hole in the tire Made his whole face lock up, my shit […]

Sufjan Stevens – America Lyrics

Play this song Is it love you’re after? A sign of the flood or one more disaster Don’t do to me what you did to America Don’t do to me what you did to America I have loved you, I have grieved I’m ashamed to admit I no longer believe I have loved you, I received I have traded […]

Gucci Mane – Rain Shower Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] (Wheezy outta here) My bitch a, uh, Richard Mille rocker (Yeah) 1017 for life, you know what I’m saying, no cap No extras on it Real nigga shit And this, and this is just facts (Yeah) [Chorus: Young Thug] Rain shower (Rain), rain shower (Rain) My bitch got more jewelry than your partners […]

Offset Fights For Daughter With Shya L’Amour To Get His Last Name

Offset, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, is fighting for his daughter with upcoming rapper Shya L’Amour to get his last name. Offset is a proud father of four and wants his child to know it by name. Although he may now be married to Cardi B and raising their child Kulture, the Migos […]